Nellie's Publications

book publications

Winter Horse, 2012 (chapbook, Finishing Line Press)

My Daily Walk, 2008 (chapbook, Pudding House)

Geographies, 2002 (chapbook, Small Poetry Press, Pleasanton, CA)

Having Come This Far, 1977 (Keeler)

Astrolabes, 1975 (Peace & Pieces Foundation, S.F.)

examples of fiction in periodicals
"The Key," Swallow's Tale, 1984; Studia Mystica, Vol. Viii, No. 3, Sacramento, Fall, 1985
"Watercolor," Fiction 83 (Exile Press), January, 1984
"Fish Story," Alaska Quarterly Review, Winter, 1984
"The Visitor," Midway Review, V, December,1983
"Mike," Confrontation, Winter, 1982
"Salt," Porch, Spring, 1982
"High School," Sheaf, August, 1980
"Proof," The Nantucket Review, December, 1979

examples of poetry in periodicals
Innisfree No. 9, "The News," "Field," Autumn, 2009
Ars Poetica, Paper Kite Press, "All Day, Pen Poised," Autumn, 2009
Marin Poetry Anthology, "All Day, Pen Poised," "Loon," "Diamond," "The Horse," 2002; "The Teapot," "Connections," "No Change But Change," Fall, 2007; "River Styx," Autumn, 2009
Naugatuck River Review, "Summer Dinner Party," Summer, 2009
Midwest Quarterly, "Before Winter Fields," Autumn, 1975 and 50th Anniversary Issue, 2009;
Arroyo, "Late Honey," Winter, 2009
Alehouse, "Rhododendron," Winter, 2009
Psychological Perspectives, "Learning by Fire," Fall, 2008
New Millenium, "City Slickers," "The Word," "After Camus," Fall, 2008
Umbrella, "No Change But Change," "Three Meditations," Spring, 2008
Bellevue Literary Review, "Anatomy Lesson," Spring, 2008
Tribute to Orpheus, Kearny Street Books, "Blues," 2007
Poetry East, "Go Back," October, 1983; "Oasis," "Jazz Thoughts," Fall, 2003; "Late Autumn", Fall, 2006
Commonweal, "Dreams," "The Old Poet", Sept. & Nov., 2005
American Writing, "Blues," (Nierika Editions, p. 59) 1991
The Harvard Magazine, "White Bowl," 1981; "Snow White Ad Infinitum," 1983
The Centennial Review, "Black and White Ectogram," Summer, 1981; "Bird Hunting," "Coming Upon Yellow Pears on A Hard Run," Spring, 1983
Frogpond, "Reading Poems," Vol. 2, 1982
New England Review, "Sliding Glass Door," June, 1980
American Poetry Review, "The Neighbor's Guest," "Voyeur," Nov., 1975; "Large White Flowers," "Making the Poet Angry," "The Poet's Origins," and "Leftovers," Vol. 6, No. 2, March, 1977
Poetry Now, "The Intention," Winter, 1976; "Little Garden Family," July, 1976; "Bareback Rider," Fall, 1976
Carleton Miscellany, "Broken Cook," "Bachelor's Bedroom," Winter, 1977
Christian Science Monitor, "Decisions," June 29, 1976; "Answer," July 2, 1976
Mother Jones, "Marriage," June, 1976
American Pen Quarterly, "Ceremonial," Fall, 1975

awards and prizes (click on award to view)
2012 1st Place Write Corner Press Poetry Prize Winner: "Hawk Dream"
Winter Horse, category finalist, Eric Hoffer awards, 2013
"Ways of Being in the Garden," honorable mention, 2013 Thomas Merton Prize for Poetry of the Sacred