acupressure and massage

Acupressure and massage are based on ancient practices of healing.  I use both, along with craniosacral techniques, to help stimulate the body’s own self-healing abilities. 

I am a licensed Acupressure and Craniosacral practitioner and certified Massage Therapist.  In my work, I employ three forms of acupressure, shiatsu, tui na, and jin shin, along with massage.  With each, my fingers press against the same key meridian points on the surface of the skin as those used in acupuncture.  Depending on my client’s needs I may also use craniosacral therapy.  As a result, circulation improves and the body's natural ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Often during my client’s session, I combine the techniques, although each can be used alone during a sixty- or ninety-minute session.  Used individually or in conjunction with one another, these techniques help the mind and body to find a restorative balance, while addressing a variety of common disorders such as tight muscles, neck and back injury, neck or shoulder pain, and tight or frozen shoulder.  The work enhances energy balancing, immune strengthening, and pain reduction.  Nausea, jet lag, fatigue, colds and flu (reduces the symptoms), headaches, depression, emotional stress, insomnia, panic attacks, dizziness, and dental disorders, including discomfort after dental work, can also be positively affected by this form of work.

Session details and prices
I offer a sixty-minute session for $95, or a ninety-minute session for $120.  The sessions are in North Berkeley.  My practice is open to women; men by referral.  The work is done through clothing.

Contact information:
To make an appointment or for information, please call me at 510-540-0886 or email me at